Freddy Krueger scares at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights


Halloween Events--Freddy Krueger, the character from New Line Productions, Inc., A Nightmare on Elm Street series of films, was a scary character created in the fictional horror film (spoof, some say), to create fear in the watching audience. His burned face and clawed hands with gloves that contain razor sharp knife tips instead of fingernails, have provided one of the most popular costumes for Trick-or-Treaters out on the town in costumes  worn on Halloween. The Freddy Krueger costume must include the mask, signature glove replica, striped shirt and Fedora hat.


Defining modern day expectations of what comprises horror, the disfigured Freddy Krueger could easily come from earlier film characters such as the Hunchback of Notre Dame, disfigured Phantom of the Opera, The Mummy or Frankenstein. In all these horror creations, an ugly human-like creature disfigured either by nature or by a combination of elements haunts humans living within the bounds of normalcy, according to societal mores. The creature that scares normal people invades their lives and vulnerabilities with a combination of mental and physical acts. For science fiction and horror to work, the story line requires an element of mystery, suspense and dreaded acts.


The author of the Nightmare series was able to offer just enough horror in each movie, yet lure the audience back with promise of more to come without overwhelming and exhausting movie goers to the point of boredom or abondonment.


Actor Robert Englund played the serial killer Freddy Krueger in all seven film of the series. Freddy could attack his victims during their dream states when they  slept.


Written by Wes Craven, the author based his fiction on fact. A unique set of circumstance led to the deaths of individuals reported in the news as recurring nightmares before several people died in their sleep. The combination of a homeless man and school bully worked Craven's imagination overtime to come up  with the disgusting, disfigured human who seemed like the devil reincarnate.

A Brit named Jason Moore attacked his "friend" after making a weapon, a Freddy Krueger-style glove inspired by the movie.




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